Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Clearest Forecast Around!

High Definition weather comes to Roanoke - you've never seen your forecast so clear! The local station with the largest weather team has kicked it up a notch, now providing you with the clearest forecast around, using the latest technology available to on-air meteorologists!

The day started early, as we tore out our old standard definition (SD) weather computers and installed new high definition (HD) gear. It was a very busy day, but I managed to snap several pictures so you could see the transition to the HD world take place. First, we moved the old SD boxes behind the set so Leo could build his noon show. While he was doing that, Robin and I ran cables and installed the new HD equipment. Brent came in and put finishing touches on the graphics once the dust stopped flying.

Enjoy the slide show of the first fully equipped HD news studio in the Roanoke market. Our commitment to keeping you and your property safe is backed up with not only pretty pictures, but with the latest radar technology, 4km HD forecast modeling, and our live WeatherBug sites that dot the local landscape. Toss in four meteorologists who have been forecasting in Virginia for a combined 50 years, and you've got the clearest forecast around!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Crime stopper turned Meteorologist

It looks like Christiansburg's former police chief is enjoying retirement. Gary Brumfield sent me this picture over the weekend, thinking it could aid us with our forecasts. I bet when he headed up the police force he used to say, "If the doughnut is wet... it's raining. If the doughnut is swaying... it's windy. If the doughnut is hot... it's sunny."

Brumfield, who is my brother's father-in-law, must have too much time on his hands these days! Thanks for sending your weather "joke" anyway, chief.

This past Saturday, the National Weather Service offered a rare tour of their Blacksburg WFO (Weather Forecast Office). Meteorologists there told NEWS7 they expected around 300 people to attend their open house. If you're a real weather enthusiast, I hope you were able to go. It's a really neat place to visit, and it's amazing how much weather technology they have available... although I hear they're still working on importing their first "weather coconut" from Hawaii.

Hope you're having a GREAT week! --Jay