Monday, August 31, 2009

Busy Summer

It's been a busy summer, and my blog has fallen behind. My mom has reminded me of this several times the last week; so here's an update, complete with a picture of her!

Here are a few highlights of the summer:

  • Planned to have a big yard sale and clean out my garage. That never happened. Garage still full of junk.
  • Had a relaxing vacation at Myrtle Beach. I can never get there often enough, but it's always good to see the sand! I gained seven pounds in a week. Thankfully, I've lost all that at this point.
  • Our dog Niles slipped a disc in his back. He's been on steroids. Just today he pulled up limp again. I called the vet and made another appointment for him. Hopefully he'll mend.
  • We (NEWS7) extensively covered the 40th anniversary of Hurricane Camille. The storm flooded Nelson County in 1969. It was interesting to go back through old photos and video of the aftermath. I met some very knowledgeable people who lived through that part of our state's history. Overall: fascinating.
  • Michael Jackson died. I bought a lot of his music and put it on my iPod.
  • Michael Vick got out of jail and will make 1.6 million this year. Washing machines deserve second chances - not him.
  • I cleaned my wife's SUV and found four happy meal toys, three empty cans of hair spray, a dead cell phone, and a little over five dollars in change.
  • Celebrated my parents' 35th wedding anniversary.
  • Celebrated my mom's 39th birthday (again). See picture above of Parker with "Gung" and "Crank" taken last week at The Farmhouse in Christiansburg.

As you can tell, it's been a busy few months. As we gear up for fall, my schedule gets little rest. Big things will happen in September. I promise to keep you informed on this blog over the next few weeks. Be good! --Jay