Monday, February 8, 2010

Too Much Winter?

Ready for spring? I know I am! What a crazy winter it has been. First, the December 18-19 storm. Then two weeks ago a foot of fluffy snow fell. This past weekend it was nearly another foot of wet snow. I really wished I owned a ski resort on Bent Mountain right now. While the region's ski resorts are loving this frequent snow; I for one, am done with it.

Tonight is the eve of another - yet weaker - system that will drop a couple more inches of snow and sleet across the area. Any other year, a 2-4" event may be considered a big deal, but this year it's just a nuisance.

Every year it seems folks get stoked for the first snow of the year. After that, I've noticed, we southwest Virginians tend to have our snow fix, and we're ready to move on and get winter out of the way. This year, I'm almost certain that's the case. Not one person I've run into the last month seems to want more snow. The state has already busted snow removal funds, and teachers and students are now fearful they'll be going to school well into summer. (Last week for example, Roanoke County was only in class on Thursday, and they were two hours late at that. Many other systems were the same.)

As I said on the air this past weekend, I haven't heard anyone say lately, "It doesn't snow around here any more!"

There are, of course, benefits from all this snow. Ground water supplies will be in good shape as we go into spring and summer. Places like Carvins Cove will be charged - and speaking of bodies of water - the once dried up Mountain Lake in Giles County has got to be loving this! On the downside, we'll have to watch for flooding the next few weeks. We have around two to three inches of "water" bottled up in our snowpack. Rapid melting (plus any heavy rain that could fall) would lead to a big-time rise on local creeks, streams and rivers.

Feel free to answer the poll question I've put on my blog: ARE YOU DONE WITH WINTER? I'd like to see your opinion.

In closing, thanks to the hundreds of viewers who have sent snow and ice photos to the weather office this season. We've featured several, and we'll continue to do so - so keep 'em coming! Also, thanks for depending on WDBJ7 and SkyTracker Weather for keeping you ahead of the storm. We appreciate your viewership. YOU make us number one!

After 40" of snow this season, we're now 40 days away from spring!