Tuesday, May 11, 2010

BIG News!

Christmas will come about a month early in our home this year. My wife and I are expecting a baby boy or girl on November 12th!

We're super excited about our new addition, but I'm beginning to have flashbacks to five years ago when we were expecting our first child, Parker. I had forgotten (but how quickly I remembered) the awkward feeling of going with my wife to see her doctor. Those who know me well know I'm sheepish, and it takes very little to make my stomach turn. Seeing my wife go through a painless exam makes me very uneasy. My wife and her doctor freely exchange thoughts, ideas, medical terminology and bodily functions, while I hunker down in the corner of the room and turn a pasty white. Really - I can be spared the details!

Thankfully, the pregnancy is going pretty well. I have a lot of respect for my wife. She's a great mom to Parker, and we're both ready to take on the challenges - and rewards - of having another baby around the house.

We still are waiting to tell Parker. We don't think he'll "get it" until Sarah starts showing. That might not be too long, as some of her closest friends have already made the observation. We're thinking of creative ways to tell him. He's only four years old, so his reaction could be priceless. We think he'll be a great big brother. He's very good with children younger than him.

The doctor says she's 51% sure of the sex. That's not good odds as far as picking out pink or blue paint, clothes and toys, so we'll have to wait a bit. Obviously we're praying for a healthy baby, but beyond that, I know my wife would really love to have a little girl. We'll see - the dye has been cast!

I'll keep the blog updated with baby news. In the meantime, hope I don't pass out at the next doctors appointment!