Thursday, January 27, 2011

A New Look

Have you noticed? There's a new look to the SkyTracker7 HD weather graphics.

Several weeks ago, SkyTracker7 meteorologists started training on our new system. While the "look" is different to you, the operating system is new to us.

Think of our weather presentation as a giant PowerPoint. Our previous software was a bit cumbersome when setting up a weathercast, however, our new "show player" is much improved. Within seconds we can set up a show and update graphics (no rendering, which saves us time). The show player also allows us to put new "transitions" between graphics. I like these. It's a little thing that makes our forecasts "pop" just a little more than before.

Another new feature we call "MAX1" allows us to record forecast briefings from the weather set at WDBJ and upload them to our website. You will see us post a quick, informal, weather presentation on; especially in times of developing weather. Think of it as a weather "extra".

Our new system also allows us the capability to show WeatherBug within our shows. In the past, you may have noticed we always started with WeatherBug, which shows live weather conditions across the NEWS7 viewing area and beyond. Now, we can embed this feature, which often lends itself to telling a better weather story.

So far, viewers are reporting they are thrilled with our new look. When a new graphics package rolls out, often there are tweaks or suggestions from viewers. We're always open to those, so let us know at

"MAX" has only been on the air a few days. We've only shown the tip of the iceberg so far, so stay tuned for a new, crisp, flashy look from SkyTracker7 HD weather. Thanks for watching!