Saturday, July 28, 2007

Beach Bound!

WOW... the weather pattern sure has been active the last week. Severe thunderstorm warnings, rotating storms, gusty winds, vivid lightning, flash flood warnings... I need a vacation!

We're packing up and heading out early Monday morning for the beach... I can't wait! This time last year I skipped our annual family vacation, to train here at NEWS7. My wife and I did break away in the fall for a few days to go to the coast, but an "extended" trip is in order now. We're most excited about bringing our son, Parker, to the beach. He loves sand and water, and I keep telling him the beach offers much more water than his little swimming pool, and much more sand than his sand box. Digital cameras are charging, and video cameras are ready to roll. I'll post some pictures of Parker's first trip to the beach when we return. Have a great week! --Jay

Monday, July 16, 2007

WDBJ7 (Old School!)

I've always thought WDBJ has the most creative folks behind the scenes building our graphics which make up our "on air look". In house folks like Joel Sink, Tim Wright and Mike Morgan work hard to give us a sharp on-air presence. Not only has WDBJ been a news leader for over 50 years, but our technology is top-notch (i.e. TITAN 3-D Radar!). While it may look rough by today's standards, enjoy this vintage clip of "Your Hometown Station" I found on YouTube. The clip is of the "Show Open" - it's the first thing you see as the newscast starts. Again, rough by today's graphics, but ahead of its time in 1996.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

New Pics

My wife and I are discovering that our son Parker loves trains! Good thing we live in Roanoke! We recently took him to the Mill Mountain Zoo and rode the ZooChoo. He loved it! I have to admit, I enjoyed it too. I haven't riden on the ZooChoo since I was in kindergarden.

The fields around my parents' house in Narrows were being mowed a few weeks ago when we dropped by for a quick visit. Parker also enjoyed climbing aboard the tractor which was parked in the yard, as the dashboard was loaded with buttons, knobs and lights. Enjoy this picture of three generations of Webbs! From left to right: me, Parker, and dad.

Monday, July 9, 2007

How 'bout this heat!? Temperatures have soared into the 90s since late last week, and athough I personally didn't think the humidity was bad this weekend, Monday certainly was a different story! The weather maps are pointing to a pattern change late in the week as a cold front approaches, but until then, we're in this together!

Hopefully our old pal Robert Palmer can at least add some enjoyment to the current heat wave. I always liked him. Great 80s music, and... he dressed like a weatherman! Some like it hot... some don't! STAY COOL FRIENDS! --Jay