Saturday, March 15, 2008

Happy St. Patty's Day!

Hope you were able to come out to Roanoke's annual St. Patrick's Day parade Saturday. The weather was perfect! Last year, if you recall, it was freezing! This year, sunshine and mild temperatures greeted onlookers and participants.

"Your Hometown Station" had many on-air folks walking the route. They included Jean Jadhon, Natasha Ryan, Alex Lawson and Justin McLeod. Since the weather forecast was correct, Robin Reed, Brent Watts and myself decided to press-the-flesh, too.

It was great to see so many loyal viewers. We chatted with as many as we could! While walking back to my car at the Elmwood parking garage after the parade, I heard screams from a car of a young woman say, "Jay Webb! I love you! I've got to meet you! Wait! Jay Webb!!" I looked up to see 17-year old, William Byrd High School senior, Shannon Dempsey about to defy all traffic laws by crossing two lanes of traffic - with oncoming vehicles. She promptly found a legal parking place, and her and her sister made their way across the street to meet me. Since Shannon records all my newscasts and reads my blog (which hasn't been updated in a while) I told her I'd post this picture if she'd send it to me. I received it within the hour. Nice meeting you Shannon. Thanks for being the charter member of the Jay Webb fan club. Best wishes to you, and thanks for watching in Vinton!


Anonymous said...

This is her sister, it was so great to meet you!! Sorry I didn't shake your hand, I was so focused on trying to keep my sister calm lol. You are so nice, and We both hope we get to see you again sometime! :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey! this is Shannon! Thanks for posting this! It was so nice to meet you, it was like a dream come true! It really meant alot to me and it was very important!! Thank you so much! Have a great day! And Happy St Patty's day! :-)