Thursday, June 3, 2010

Well deserved, my friend!

Just a quick "congratulations" to SkyTracker7 HD Meteorologist Brent Watts on being awarded the coveted American Meteorological Society's "Seal of Approval". Brent is the complete package when it comes to broadcast meteorology. He tells a great weather story that's easy for viewers to understand, he's a social butterfly - meaning you'll often see him around town emceeing events and enjoying festivals; he's one of the finest graphic artists I've ever seen, he writes code for the SkyTracker7 weather page on (something I don't understand at all), and most importantly - he's just a good human being.

Meteorologists such as Brent who have earned the AMS seal (or the CBM or NWA) have not only had demonstrated a solid understand of weather through education, but have had their on-air work reviewed by a group of their peers. To get a Seal of Approval from "your peers" is a really good feeling. It's nice to know fellow broadcasters from across the country believe in your work - from your on-air performance, to your graphics, to your clothes and make-up.

Again, congratulations Brent! Now enjoy earning your continuing education points! :-)

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